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Do you have your estate in order?

Stop putting off getting a Last Will & Testament.
Get your estate in order in less than 10 minutes.

  • Free Will & Last Testament
  • Free Power of Attorney
  • Free Medical Directive
  • Free Pet Guardian Trust


Life insurance made easy

No medical exam or blood tests, just answer a few health questions online. Get same-day coverage on affordable policies from our top-rated carriers in minutes. No need to talk to an agent (unless you want to).

Approval in 10 days or less

Traditional Life Insurance

Traditional underwriting can provide you with a much larger variety of choices and price options. These policies usually require an insurance exam and full underwriting but could potentially save you money. Approval can take months. 

Health Insurance

Compare and shop all available health insurance plans here.


Dental Insurance

The best dental insurance for you. Various plans available. Get your quotes online.


Get a discount code to access a doctor when you need it most from your phone, computer, or tablet.


Pet Wellness

Save money and provide
your pet with complete
health coverage.


Identity Theft Protection

$9.99 per month to monitor your personal information 24/7.

Identity Theft Protection

Get 24/7 monitoring now for only $9.99 per month.
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Rx Card

Free Prescription Discount Card

GoodRx prescription discount card can save you money even over your health insurance.

Additional Offerings

We offer additional products at great savings and we are
 adding more all the time. 

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