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A co-branded website platform for insurance agents to have their own quoter and be able to offer more products and make more money!

Create your personalized website in minutes with My Protection Hero!

Includes ORG’s Integrity4Life Quoter

Integrity4Life is ORG’s new client-facing instant decision platform that will allow you to market life insurance through our agent-backed, client-facing needs analysis, quoter, and application using multiple carriers.

It’s the best $20 per month you can spend on marketing your business. 
Our platform does the work for you!

Customized to your needs

  • Minimal set-up cost
  • No management
  • No accounting
  • No website coding 
  • Use ORG quoter for Integrity4Life
  • Choose or delete any products
  • ORG additional offerings 
  • Earn money on additional products 
  • Marketing Material to make more sales

What are the Benefits of MyProtection Hero?

Create your website with you as the focus 

Upload you logo, your bio, your photograph, and give your business a professional and permanent web presence for Insurance sales.

Plug and Play for immediate sales 

Integrate your current health, car, and other insurance providers to give them a home for passive sales. Sell additional Insurance and Warrantee lines to complete the benefits circle.

Leverage technology for efficiency 

MyProtectionHero provides you the tools to compete in the digital insurance space. Let us show you how. 

Personalize your content 

Create professional videos or leverage existing content to increase your footprint and attract more clients. 

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Reach out and let’s add online sales to your business 

MyProtectionHero gives you the insurance professional an online website to compete in the growing digital insurance space. With our support team, user friendly design tools, and large collection of support material it takes a matter of minutes to create your customized website. 

We Do All The Work For You!

  • We Create a Co-Branded / Agent Website
  • We Create a Personalized Agent “Welcome” One-sheet for You to Distribute to Your Clients and Prospects
  • We Create Monthly Healthy Lifestyle Newsletters for You to Send to your Clients and Prospects
  • We Create One-Sheet Flyers for you
  • Accounting and Payments go Directly to You, the agent, for Non-Life Insurance Products
Agent Flyers for MyProtectionHero
Samples of Personalized One-sheet Flyers for Agents.

We Create a Monthly Newsletter for you to Keep Top-of-Mind With Your Clients and Prospects

MailChimp Account Required for Monthly Newsletter

Agent Co-Branded Package Includes:

  • Personal co-branded website
  • Life Insurance products submitted to your agency
  • Insurance & Warranty products
  • Last Will/Testament (65% of adults do not have one) (Free)
  • Medical Directive (Free)
  • Power of Attorney (Free)
  • Pet Trust (Free)
  • Personalized “Welcome” one-sheet
  • Monthly Client Lifestyle Newsletters (ORG Branded)
  • Make additional income from sales unrelated to life products

Agent cost is $20 per month or $200 annually. 

Set-Up fee is $50 for all new websites.

Ready to take your next step?

Grow your customer base and build a profitable online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyProtectionHero? 

MPH was created by Insurance Agents to help agents stay in front of their clients and prospects with a site that is personalized with the agents information and offers other insurance products and warrantee products that they might not offer. 

Who is it made for? 

Agents that want to compete with the online brokers and carriers that sell direct to consumers, this platform will give you a quote and online site that will help you sell life insurance online. 

Why would an agent want this, if they have a website already? 

Most agents that have a website will have important information, but will not have products that they can sell online. Some agents have a page on a brokers website that gives them a presence on the web, but is not their own personal website.

Is there a cost for a website? 

Yes, a personalized website cost $20 per month, that includes Integrity4Life quoter and other products that an agent can make marketing fees to offset the monthly cost. The cost would be much more that $20 per month for an agent to have their own website and would not have the product partners that they can make marketing fees to offset the cost and make additional income. 

How does this help agents? 

A personal website allows an agent to stand out for the competition and stay in front of your clients monthly using the marketing materials provided. Keeping contact with your clients and prospects has been proven to retain clients and make more sales. 

Can I use my own links for the products I sell?

Once you have created your site, you can send us the links to the products you are selling and we will update the links to direct to your pages.

How do I find my website?

When you sign up and create your personal website, you will get an email that has a link to your personal website that you can start to send to your clients and prospects. Your Integrity4Life site has your unique code that is your insurance license and this will be live within 24 to 48 hours. 

Is my website good on mobile?

The MPH sites are optimized for mobile and the partner websites are as well.

What marketing materials are included?

You can email us any updates or changes to your website and we will make the updates for you. In the coming months we will have a backend that you can make the changes yourself.

When can I expect to get paid on the products I sell?

We will send you a check approximately 30 days after the partner pays us the marketing fees.

Do I need a license to offer Home/Auto if I am not licensed?

There is no payout for Home, Auto, Pet or other products that require a P&C license.

What if I don’t want to offer certain products?

When you are in the process of signing up, you have the opportunity to choose what products you want to offer. If you decide later that you want to turn off or turn on a certain product, then contact us and we will update your website.

I don’t currently sell some products, but would like to?

When you get an inquire for a product you don’t have expertise in selling, ORG will help you sell that product. They are there to support you with any advice and help you need.

Contact us today and let’s build something.

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