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Employee Retention Plan+

Offering great employee benefits in 2024 is crucial for attracting and retaining talent, ensuring employee well-being and productivity, complying with legal requirements, fostering a positive company culture, and adapting to changing workforce trends.

An Employee Retention Plan+ (ERP) is a strategic framework implemented by organizations to mitigate turnover and retain valuable talent within their workforce. It encompasses a series of policies, initiatives, and practices designed to foster employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


This is a federally-incentivized program that provides substantial tax savings to the employer while providing supplemental benefits to employees all at no out-of-pocket costs to employer or employee.

How Does ERP Work?

As an employer, you will be able to offer your team what we call a Preventative Care Management Program (PCMP). The PCMP focuses on the wellbeing of your employees. They will see the program as a great added benefit because it focuses on their overall well-being.

Program eligibility? Employees who are W2 and work at least 30 hours per week.

There are three components to our Preventative Care Management Program: Employee Wellness Program, an Indemnity Health Plan, and an Ancillary Health Program that assists employees with a multitude of questions and benefits.

More Services We Offer

At HWPremier, we are specialists in creating custom employee benefit packages that companies need in order to keep their employees happy. Employers benefit too!

Our TermHero and MyEstateHero programs offer a variety of benefits, all customizable to suit the individual.

Term Life Insurance

Protect The Ones You Love

Our TermHero program provides quick & easy life insurance quotes without the B.S. No medical exam. No email needed. No pushy insurance agents.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Protect Your Personal Savings or the Savings of a Family Member

Fund a potential long-term illness or disability without depleting your savings and invested assets

Private Disability Coverage

When you get injured, you need to protect your income. Private Disability Insurance is more flexible than State Disability!

Free Will, Medical Directives & More

Who gets your assets after you pass? TermHero and MyEstateHero offer FREE Last Will & Testament, Medical Directives, Power of Attorney and Pet Guardian Trusts!

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HWPremier is a boutique insurance firm specializing in Employee Retention Planning, Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care and Disability Income Protection. For more than 20 years, we have work with businesses as well as high-net-worth individuals and families to provide protection and ease of mind.

We work with our clients to find what is best for THEM, not us. 

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